Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I just returned from Dinner on the Town. It was a wonderful dinner, shared at a table with a another children's minister from my home state of Colorado. I didn't get done in time to attend the Kidology gathering, which was going to be held in the parking lot of the Fashion Valley Mall (get a map of San Diego if you want to know where all this is!), but knowing my friends at Kidology, it was probably a great time.

Today was a day of challenge, laughter, and a tear or two. The workshops I attended were top-notch, with practical ideas and challenges to take back with me. The general sessions were incredible. Britt Merrick spoke in the morning about how Christ needs to be our Source. Some of the nuggets he shared were:
"Either Christ is everything or He is nothing."
"We are not loved because we are valuable; we are valuable because we are loved."
"Anything that pushes us toward Christ is actual gain."

Our late afternoon session featured Miles McPherson. With humor and straightforward talk, he laid out for us five elements of God's plan: Preparation, Purpose, Pain, Power, and Passion.

And then there was the incredible singing talent of Jana Alayra. In the world of children's ministry, she is one of the shining stars. But she switched gears in our conference to lead us in worship with more "grown up" style songs that helped us focus on the greatness and goodness of our God.

So now I'm going back to the Resource Center to a) pick up dessert and b) see if I can find the next "can't live without it" resource for our children's ministry. As the old saying goes, "having a great time, wish you were here."

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  1. The Kidology Gathering was a complete BOMB without you :( We just sat around musing "why didn't Tim come?" Are we not good enough for him? Is the real party wherever HE is?" And felt like a bunch of losers.