Sunday, October 10, 2010


After seventeen years, I am stepping down from leading the Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study at my church, effective October 31.

When my wife and I began attending the church, we were introduced to the adult Sunday School class by a guy named Gordon. The teacher was an easy going man named Bob. I was impressed with how casually the group interacted with one another over the Word of God. It was like a smaller family unit within the larger family unit of the congregation.

I don’t know how long Bob had been teaching the class, but he eventually left the church. I had spoken a few times in the worship services, so Roger (the associate pastor) asked if I would teach the class. I agreed…and the adventures began.

The greatest thing about teaching this adult class was the insight and observations of the class members. The group was not about passive listening, but active participation. Their questions, feedback, and even disagreements forced me to become a better student of the Word and hence a better teacher. To borrow (and freely adapt) a line from Veggie Tales: “we laughed, we cried, it moved us.” I honestly believe the Holy Spirit was the Teacher and I took far more away than I ever gave.

So why give it up? Two reasons:

1) I want to focus more on Sunday morning children’s ministries. As it exists now, I often end up being late to my group in order to attend to a last minute situation in the kids’ Sunday School. When my adult class is done, I make way to the back, but there are already kids there that I would have liked to “meet and greet” when they and their parents first arrived.

2) A speaker once said, in order to grow, you have to first subtract. He used the illustration of pruning. Interestingly enough, I had been trimming back some flower bushes the very morning I heard that message. It confirmed what I had been feeling in my soul for several months. I don’t know what the Lord has for me, but right now, I wear a lot of hats at the church. I rejoice in and enjoy each and every task, assignment, and ministry I have. But as the erstwhile philosopher/prophet Bullwinkle says, “I think I need another hat!” I’m convinced that I need to turn over a hat to someone else before I find out what the new hat will be.

This is not the end of teaching adults. Far from it. I may put together a limited series type of study. A couple of people have asked me if when I’m going to present my “cults and isms” series again. I’ll still fill the pulpit on occasion. The weekly study and preparation may not be there, but I’m still a student of the Word with a desire to communicate the Scriptures.

So if you are in my group, thank you for being a part of the last seventeen years. I know that whoever leads the group starting in November will bring his own unique style and perspective (and set of jokes) The Word of God will continue to go forth.

Let the new adventures begin...