Monday, April 30, 2007


I kid you not...the above photo is completely authentic and not the subject of photographic trickery! But what is this image, dear reader? Could it be the evidence of a yet undisclosed crash of a UFO in southern Oregon, a crash that resulted in a government cover up and a terrible autopsy on its alien pilots? Or is it something far more weighty, far more serious, with implications for the health and safety of adults and children alike?

Actually, it's the latter.

As part of my responsibility as a member of the DayCare staff (at least part time), I am required to be re-certified in pediatric first aid and CPR every two years. And because most of our staff''s cards expire about the same time, the trainer comes out to our church and does the whole class on-site. And, of course, she brings a dozen of her closest friends to help...hence, the picture above. This is a CPR dummy, with a head that tilts back and chest that rises and falls with each rescue breath and a remarkably solid torso that accepts the appropriate number of compressions. The instructor (whose name is Lisa) happens to be a firefighter/paramedic. She's also a believer and active member of a rather larger church up the highway from us.

The neat thing about this certification is that this is something that goes beyond the few hours I'm at the DayCare. It applies everywhere...from my responsibilities as Children's Ministries Director at the church to simply walking down the street. In a way, it's Christianity in motion. I don't ever want to use it, but it's good to know that, if one of God's kids is in trouble, I can respond with prayer and action.

And that, dear readers, beats an alien autopsy any day!