Thursday, March 17, 2011


Another full day of learning, inspiration, and refreshment here at the Children's Pastor's Conference. I enjoy some of the games they play here, like this one called, "Retrieve the Coconut!" Just kidding.

Seriously, there is a lot of fun and laughter here, punctuated by a depth of worship and challenge that is hard to describe. So I thought I would share some "nuggets in photos":

This is the Justin Graves Band, an incredibly talented dad, mom, and 5 year old daughter who ministered during the lunch time Ministry Showcase. Also performing in the Showcase was Jana Alayra, whose cd's are popular within our children's ministry.
The Resource Center is always a beehive of activity. Sure, the people who exhibit there want to sell products. But what is such a blessing is that they are also there to answer questions, give insights, help clarify thoughts, and so on. It's not just material resources, but information and idea resources. Plus it's one of the main social hubs of the conference. You can feel the energy when you go there.

Group Publishing always has an impressive layout.

Awana (which recently re-launched at our church) is a regular at CPC But one of the neatest things about CPC is the opportunity to re-connect with friends and colleagues in the ministry. Last year, I failed to get a picture of Mike and Karen Pucket, with Amazing Truth Ministries. The Puckets are very talented illusionists who use their skills to point people to the Savior. My wife and I attended college with Mike and Karen, so it was good to see them again at CPC and to FINALLY get a picture.
Old friends, new friends, new ideas, new's all part of the package of CPC.

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