Thursday, March 01, 2012


"Every kids pastor needs another kids pastor to talk him off the ledge." (Sam Luce).

As I began this blog, it is Wednesday, February 29. It is also leap day, which adds a little twist to the quote above.  The speaker was Sam Luce, who, along with Matt McKee and Jonathan Cliff, appeared on a panel in our first general session of the morning.  The topic was networking with a community of leaders.  As one who has wanted to "leap" on more than one occasion (figuratively speaking, of course), I appreciated their wisdom.

Of course, the music was incredible, with Denver and the Mile-High Orchestra doing Solid Rock (a fave of the kids at VBS last year).  The days' breakouts were also uplifting. Steve Adams (current CP at Saddleback) spoke about re-inventing your ministry, something that hit me squarely where I am at this season of life. Matt Barnes, who is on staff at Rock Harbor Church, challenged us to evaluate our programs with "why?"

The evening general session featured Beth Guckenberger. I've never heard her before, but her ability to tell a story and her emphasis that the Word of God is the MAIN CHARACTER of the story made for captivating listening. Larry Fowler from Awana was honored. And then, Michael Chanley pulled a surprise: a performance by up and coming singer Jamie Grace.

Later that evening was FX LIVE, a family oriented "crowd show" that involves music, stunts, and games. I have to confess to being exhausted from the last couple of days, so after a last stroll around the bustling resource center, I reluctantly headed to my room (sorry Roger!). But unlike my last post, I got some pictures that hopefully capture some of the atmosphere and rooms. Enjoy.
My camera is woefully inadaqute to capture the stage. But I tried...

the famous Resource Center

CPC Store

Believe it or not, this is the Internet Cafe

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