Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm a bad blogger (sad face). Actually, I'm a tired blogger. But I'm also a blogger with no pictures of today's CPC adventures (Tuesday, February 28). I'll try harder for the next segment...honest!

But the "no pictures" and "no energy" feeling is offset by a very full and filling day. If there is one thing I've learned about CPC, it's that one goes away with far more than one had upon arrival. I'm going to (try to) break down Tuesday's events with just a few phrases:

General Session: great opening worship. Michael Chanley interviewed three children's pastors-- Mike Johnson, Brad Tate, and Mindy Spurrier--about providing a safe and relevant children's environment. M.C. was master ventriloquist Dennis Lee...never fails to have me doubled over in laughter.

Breakouts: "Ministry Seasons" and "Doing Good Leading to Bad" with Craig Jutilla and "Dealing With Difficult Parents" with Kurt Goble. All breakouts were good....I especially appreciated Craig's vulnerability and Kurt's down-to-earth approach.

Networking Lunch: boxed lunch containing something wrapped in a green stuff. Apple good. Meeting other warriors at one of the "leadership" tables better.

Afternoon general session: the legendary Jim Wideman received INCM award. His daughter Yancy sang (I'm one of only three people in the field of cm who hasn't actually never heard Yancy sing before). Keynote speaker was Reggie Joiner on working with families.

Dinner on the Town: Kelly's Steakhouse. At the table next to mine was a virtual Who's Who in the CM world.

Late Night With Lee: Dennis Lee showcasing great children's ministry talent: Rob Biagi, Miss Patty Cake, and Jana Alarya. Fun evening.

Kidology Gathering: laughing and sharing with Karl Bastian (the Kidologist). Received some great counsel regarding my "between ministry" situation. One of the greatest things about CPC is that I can open up and talk about what's going on in my life. Very refreshing.

And so, late at night, I finally arrived back in my room...physically and maybe a little mentally tired, but my spirit was full. No, I didn't get a lot of pictures, but I ended the day with far more.


  1. Just found your blog -- I'm headed to CM Leaders this week with Michael Chanley and Brad Tate. How are things going with you now? Have you been able to incorporate some CPC stuff into your ministry?

    Lindsey @

  2. Hi, Lindsey,
    As you may have discovered, I do a very poor job at checking comments on past posts (I have recently discovered that I can have new comments emailed to me!).
    I've actually been "in between" ministries since January of 2012. But while I haven't been able to directly incorporate anything, I still try to stay up-to-date and fresh for when the doors open again.