Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Not much to add to this link (and I'm really late mentioning it!), but here's the next big thing in children's online entertainment: Jelly Telly. Going to this link will take you to a video that is about 30 minutes long, but well worth it. Jelly Telly comes to us from the heart of Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales. This promo video introduces the viewer to a new platform for reaching kids on their level.

I had the privilege of listening to Phil Vischer at the 2007 Children's Pastor's Conference in San Diego. He's a man with a heart for the Lord and for children. In this day and age of Nickolodeon and Disney Channel, Jelly Telly looks to be an exciting alternative that, in my humble opinion, we should all get behind. So check out the video and get ready to see the birth of a fresh wave of quality programming for kids.

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