Wednesday, August 06, 2008


The following are just some short notes about what's on my mind, in no particular order....

  • Another memorable VBS moment from one of our leaders: One of our stations allowed the kids to "walk on water" like Peter (it was a recipe with cornstarch and stuff...gross to mix up, but the effect is cool!). One of the girls was on crutches from a sprained ankle. When it was her turn to "walk across the water," two other girls--without any prompting, directing, or encouragement--got up and helped her get across! I get a lump in my throat every time I think about it.
  • A young lady in our church is getting ready to leave our community to tour with the Siver Ring Thing, a major abstinence education production that goes around the nation and other countries. It is so cool to see kids that used to be in the ministry start to go out and do the ministry!
  • There are 49 tiny squares produced by the weave pattern in the generic store version of a Triscuit cracker (yes, I counted).
  • New website in my link section: Hollywood Jesus. The webmaster, David Bruce, is from our area, but the ministry is nationwide. The site is full of reviews and analyses of movies, tv shows, comics, and pop culture from a spiritual perspective. Agree, disagree, or think futher--this is a good resource to add.
  • I calcuate that I get seven phone directories every year. I am notoriously bad at not throwing out my phone directories. Being as it is starting to look like a tower, I think it's time to make a trip to the recycling center.
  • To my ministry friend in Illinois who is playing "Mr. Mom" for an extended period while his wife is away: what an opportunity to invest in your son! And how much sweeter will be the reunion when your wife returns. God bless you!

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