Sunday, March 02, 2008

CPC 08: ARRIVAL (aka "Of Teeth and Tim")

I'm here!

"Here" is San Diego, California for the annual International Network of Children's Ministries' Children's Pastors Conference. Getting here was a testimony to God's spectacular mercies. You see, I had some pretty serious dental issues going into last weekend. I won't rehash the details of pain, the inability to sleep or eat, the cheek that looked like a "crazed chipmunk on steroids" (I liked that description). But everything I was told was that air travel in a pressurized cabin intensifies dental pain...and, in spite of a procedure earlier in the week, I was still not totally back to normal.

But glory be to God: no problems! I felt a little pressure and a non-painful twinge or two, but nothing even close to the pain I experienced the weekend before. So for all of you who were praying for me, I just want to say thank you and let you know that.....I'M HERE!

Grab a notebook and let the adventure begin!

P.S. For a slightly different perspective on CPC 08, check out the site I set up just for my preschoolers.

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