Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ahhhh, September. Children starting their march back to school. The Denver Broncos starting their march to the Super Bowl (hey...just you wait!). At our church DayCare where I work, it seems every child and their cousin has arrived just in time for the start of Preschool.

And then, there's CELEBRATION ROUNDUP.

Part pep rally, part family reunion, Roundup is the time of year when we kick off the new year, welcome all our kids back to our Sunday morning program (known as "Sunday Morning Celebration"), and just get the season started off with a bang. It's a lot of fun and this year was no exception. In fact, the buzz around the halls is that this is one of the best Roundups of all.

We brought out the inflatable jump house. We played some neat games. By "coincidence" (said with a nod and a wink because we all know that there is no such thing), a merchant in our region had a freezer full of ice cream bars that were nearing expiration. "It just so happened" that a man in our church, who works nearby, offered to take the bars and (can you imagine) offered them for our special treat on Roundup Sunday. I mean, who could have planned that? (I know Who!)

And, of course, the gospel was shared and the Word of God had free course. Were the kids a little loud and rowdy? OH yes. Were there problems? A few ice cream drips on the carpet and the dislodging of the jump house air feed which caused the jump house to deflate on some surprised jumpers. But we sang and played and laughed and yelled.

And the kids had fun too.
The Jump House

Catchin' air

Singing songs

Balloons in your pantaloons! (how many inflated balloons can you stuff in oversized joggers?)

A little song, a little dance, a little puppet on the stage (I know, it doesn't rhyme).

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  1. What, no comment on the opening of the new Wal-Mart store? I'm shocked and surprised you didn't comment and show pictures. Are you feeling okay?