Sunday, September 02, 2007


The names "Charles Allen Bancroft" or "Rachel Renee' Currier" probably don't ring a bell with a lot of people. But together, they have been part of an answer to a question that has bothered me for over a decade:

"How does someone with an untrained singing voice succesfully lead praise and worship singing for a mixed age assembly of 5th grade and below with no awesome praise and worship band or instrumentalist?"
Enter Mr. Bancroft and Mrs. Currier. You may know them by their professional names: "Uncle Charlie and Rachel Sanchez." Uncle Charlie produces DVD videos with upbeat music, great graphics, and extreme singability. And their series of DVD's, along with other DVD series, have been a tremendous blessing in our ministry.

See, if you are blessed with a plethora of musical talent in your children's department, God bless you. For the rest of us, technology is available. And not just from Uncle Charlie. Group Publishing, God's Kids' Worship, Ronnie Caldwell....they all have DVD music available (there's probably more, but those are some that we use).

So if you are lacking in the musical graces, but you want a high energy musical program for your kids, I highly recommend DVD's to fill the proverbial gap. Of course, there are some important things to keep in mind...this is what we have learned (or are currently trying to learn):

1. Know the song lyrics. Looking at the kids while you're trying to lead them is important...but it is difficult when you have to turn and look at the screen. If you already know the songs, you don't have to do that.

2. Check your equipment often. Know its glitches and quirks and be ready for anything (e.g. do you have extra batteries for your remotes?)

3. If you can't carry a tune, at least lip synch. It's hard to motivate kids to sing if your own lips aren't moving.

4. If you have a group doing motions, practice first.

5. Don't block the screen.

6. If you can, plan your songs to flow from one song to another with a minimum of "changing time." Getting someone to quickly change DVD's while you're sharing a prayer or quick spiritual thought is great (God's Kids Worship actually has worship orders in which a handful of songs play one after another).

7. Don't be afraid to cut loose (within the limits of the song's mood of course). A little air guitar goes a long way.

8. Worship Jesus and have tons of fun!

If you use DVD's in your kids worship, let us know what you use and how you use it. After all these years, I'm still a student in this area. God bless you as you do His work!

And thanks Uncle Charlie and Rachel Sanchez!


  1. Don't forget Hillsong Kids. Their stuff is great!

  2. I especially love your point about lip syncing! I lack all vocal talent yet lead the worship each week for our kids (we used to have a band, but now we just use CDs). I can't count the number of times people have tried to tell me that I can sing well. They're just sure they've heard me sing. My husband quickly points out that if they'd heard me, they'd remember it!

  3. Uncle Charlie and Rachel will be a Kid U 10th in Oct. 2008!! We're excited to have them!! Loved your tips, keep it up!