Saturday, September 22, 2007


Some people love it. Some people hate it.

But my town has one.

I'm talking about the Wal-Mart Super Center. They opened the doors on Wednesday, September 19 (giving us a third reason to get excited, right behind the Kidologist's Birthday and National Talk Like a Pirate Day). Excitment and anticipation has been running high for the last three plus years. We've watched the construction from the highway go from agonizingly slow to "hey...they're done!" On Wednesday morning, a plane with a banner heralding the opening circled overhead. According to the news, there was a band, city and regional dignataries, and a bunch of people.

My wife and I ventured out to visit the place during lunch. It is quite impressive. For us (and for many folks in our region), the biggest draw of the new Wal-Mart is not having to drive a ways (no, it's not a long distance, but it adds up after awhile). Since it's a Super Center, we can get groceries, get the car fixed, and fill our prescriptions all by driving less than two miles! And given the fact that our city is one of the fastest growing communities in Oregon, it's nice to have some major businesses take root.

Side note: when we visited Wal-Mart, there were several "characters" there (like the Pillsberry Dough Boy and a giant Oreo cookie). There were also a lot of high school kids who were struttting around in the typical "I'm cool, I'm bad" posture. But when they saw the giant cookie, their eyes lit up. They waved, high-fived, and hugged the character. It was funny to watch, but it reminded me that there is a spark of child-likeness in everyone...a spark that is fascinated by that which is wondrous and fantastic. And if the big bad uber-cool teens respond to that, then our kids certainly can. What an opportunity!

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