Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CPC10: PICS, PEEPS, AND PARADISE (aka "Friends are Friends Forever")

Reporting from the Children's Pastors Conference

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My friend Karl captured this picture right before the first general session at CPC10. The pic is easy, but capturing the essence of this conference in a short blog is extremely difficult, so I'm going to settle for some more pictures and random observations.

Welcome to San Diego

My home away from home for the week. This is the first year that I've stayed at the tower.

This is Rob Biagi and his family performing. INCM arranged entertainment in the foyer before the general sessions began(Sorry for the blurry picture, but we're all packed pretty tight waiting for the doors to open).
Waiting for the general sessions

The stage design was amazing, especially when it was fully lit and animated.

Jill Anderson's workshop on developing a kids' worship team was very informative and motivating. Jill describes herself and her family as "musical missionaries." I will say that singing with that much energy at the first session on Monday morning is an accomplishment...and to get a whole room full of people to do the same is just amazing.

Go Fish Guys were the MC's for the conference.

Karl Bastian, the Kidologist, complete with lab coat, sharing his passion. One of Karl's breakaways was on discipline...but it's not what one would think!

A picture I didn't get was that of Mike and Karen Puckett, with Amazing Truth Ministries. Mike and his family are gospel illusionists and are being used of the Lord to reach families with the good news of new life through Jesus Christ. Mike and Karen and I were all at San Diego Christian College together (back when it was known as Christian Heritage College). I've followed them on Facebook for a while, but it was nice having the "mini-reunion" at CPC.

I've come away with so much at the Children's Pastors' Conference...far more than I went in with. In a future blog, I'll share some more of my heart and personal observations.

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  1. Always a treat to see you at varioys CM events! Nice teaser on my discipline workshop. ;) looking forward to your upcoming posts!