Monday, June 16, 2008


I love worshipping with kids. I love worshipping with kids, even when it appears that worship is the furthest thing from their minds. I love worshipping with kids, even when they verbally confirm that worship is the furthest things from their minds with such time-honored phrases as "I'm bored," "When is this over?" and "Can we play with the basketball set again?" I love worshipping with kids, even when they sit with crossed arms and sour expressions that say, "Engage me...I dare you. Go ahead, make my millennium!"

Okay, I love worshipping with kids and all of the above is true. HOWEVER...honest reality check here: I do not always do the dance of joy when some of my kids are clearly not "into it." Sometimes I internally react with a heavy sigh. Other times, I go home and weep, praying for and wanting these young children to have the same sense of wonder and excitement as they sing to and about the Lord. And sometimes, I just throw my arms up and wonder how come the parents didn't teach their kids how to behave better in church (followed by the mandatory kicking of myself for having such thoughts).

And I'm reasonably sure I'm not alone in these feelings.

That's why God gave us Sundays where everything pops! This last Sunday (which happened to be Father's Day), the singing and worship were incredible. The majority of kids were singing loudly, with an unbridled, uninhibited enthusiasm. And when one of the kids asked if we could pray for his toe, we had an unscheduled time of prayer requests, with different kids praying for each request. It was so incredibly awesome. One of our KidServants and I kept exchanging grins during the whole thing.

Kids are kids....and yes, the aimless chatter, and distractions, and arm-crossing will be there to some extent. But on this Sunday, it's like God was unveiling the real heart of the children...the heart that wants to have fun and enjoy God. Yeah, I love worshipping with kids, whether they look engaged or not. But ever' now and again, it's nice to see things pop and sizzle.

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