Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Before I share our further adventures, I want to let everyone know that today, May 15, is THE DAY. Today marks our actual, official 25th wedding anniversary. You would never know it from the way she handles parents, staff, and children, but my wife is quite shy. So as I began this series of posts, I assured her that I would not get too personal. But if I could resort to a cliche, it seems like only yesterday that we met. It was in college...she was a freshman, I was a sophomore. We met and soon became inseperable. We even did children's ministry together--a Christian service project called "Backyard Bible Club."

I could go into details about our engagement and wedding. Our pastor had actually done the wedding of Brenda's parents (and in an interesting twist, I was pastoring my first church in Colorado when Brenda's parents came for a visit and asked me to "officiate" the renewal of their vows for their 25th anniversary). Wow...just thinking about everything that has transpired...it's like scenes are fast-forwarding in my memory.

But as I sat next to my wife today during our latest adventure, I thought about how fortunate, how blessed I have been for the last 25 years. I know...from Jackie Gleason on down, most men say their wives are the greatest. Well, mine really is.

When we decided to spend some time at Lake Tahoe, I went online to find out things to do in the area. And lo, and behold, we found the "Lake Tahoe Cruises."

The Tahoe Queen, an authentic paddleboat.

The two and quarter hour tour took us across the lake (Lake Tahoe, by the way, is HUGE) and over to Emerald Bay. The Tahoe Queen, has three decks (including a dining deck) and incredible, unhindered views of the Lake. We stayed on the third (top) deck and took in the view.

Looking forward to Emerald Cove

Looking back at the big paddle wheels (they also slice and dice and make julian fries!)

The Bridge

The shore from where we departedSing it with me: "What do you do with a great view of the Marina?" (sorry....a rather feeble attempt to parody a Sound of Music tune. Must have gotten too much sun!)

Above pics: sites and scenes

The cruise was very relaxing and interesting...at least what we could hear from the captain, due to a speaker that tended to fade out. Emerald Bay has a history of its own with a hand made building on the shore called Vikingsholm Castle. A little granite island in the bay features what looks like a castle turrett. And from our vantage point, we could look up and see the high, narrow highway that brought us to town!

So our Silver Anniversary vacation continues. Signing off from beautiful South Lake Tahoe...


  1. Congrats on "the Day", Tim! :)

  2. Thank you Steve! You have twenty years to go, my friend!