Tuesday, February 27, 2007


(Sorry...the title of this post is a little misleading, for I do not actually leave until tomorrow. At any rate.......)

See...I really was here!

CPC '07 has come to a close. I have a confession to make: the last day is always the hardest for me. Being in the midst of 1700 brothers and sisters who share your passion for children's ministry, who have worshipped alongside of you, who have sat and learned next to you, who have not only shared a table for meals with you, but shared their ministries and their challenges and their visions as well...and then it's time to say goodbye. The resource center is dismantled, the stage comes down, the CPC staff boxes up supplies, and in a matter of hours, it's over. The Town and Country Resort becomes, well, another luxury hotel instead of the nerve center for impacting the lives and hearts of children across the country and around the world.

But I finally got to see the stage close up!

A continental breakfast was held in another room, so they had chairs set up for our closing general session.

And I guess the weather decided to highlight a few of my emotions:

It never rains in southern California...

Yup, there's a part of me that's feeling a little dreary right now. A little sad. But underneath, there is an excitement and readiness to take concepts, principles, and resources back to the kids at EPCBC. I leave tomorrow (I choose to skip the chaos of checking out the last day of the conference!), so in the meantime, I have the opportunity to let the lessons of the weekend settle in my mind.

So unless something dramatic happens or I just feel like making another entry, this will be my final report from (deep breath) The International Network of Children's Ministries' 2007 Children's Pastor's Conference. Wooo-hoooo!

Teacher Tim, signing off

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