Saturday, February 24, 2007


General session one is over...and what an incredible way to kick off the conferences! Professional story teller Stephen James kicked off the theme of "More Than a Story" with a dramatic telling of the story of redemption. Then the kids' group GOD ROCKS rocked the house with incredible Scripture set to music. Sadly, my poor little camera is not that good at capturing a stage from waaaaaaaayyyyyy in back. I'll try to get closer next time.

The session really kicked into gear with the worship team from Gateway Church in Texas. There is something about singing with a few thousand of your fellow kid servants in worship and praise. It's not that I don't worship when I lead kids...I do. It is still very meaningful and deep. But there is a level of worship that comes when you don't have to do anything except praise His name in song, along with others who are probably feeling the same way. I freely admit to suffering from allergies during the worship set (as did a few folks around me).

The keynote address was by Susie Shellenberger, who created the Focus on the Family publication BRIO. She spoke on the blind man healed by Jesus and pointed out how this man was now confronted witht the reality of longer a story. She emphasized nailing down the basics of Jesus' lordship and salvation, and then trusting Him for the rest. It was a great message.

Afterwards, I toured the Resource Center and ran into an old friend

I first discovered Jana Alayra's music at my first CPC in 2003. Our church daycare loves it! So I was determined this year to get some more Jana Alayra music for our ministry and who should be working her own booth? Jana herself. She was kind enough to pose for a picture (and in reality, this is only the second time I've met Jana). I'm looking forward to listening to her new album.

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