Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Sunday Morning Celebration is the Sunday School of our church. At our early hour, we have small groups (the traditional Sunday School hour). But our second hour is Large Group time, a mixed age worship and activity time. It's a fun time and you never know who might show up.
This week (Super Bowl Sunday), we were looking at the Macedonian call from Acts 16. And who should arrive to give us a geography lesson but the famous Professor Parker Pinehurst! Professor Pinehurst has visited us several times and always amazes and wows with his depth of knowledge and extreme humility. With a map and string, Professor Pinehurst showed us Paul's journeys and attempted journeys until he ended up in Macedonia. Unfortunately, Professor Pinehurst got a little tangled in the string and...well, the rest is predictable.
As you can see, Celebration is a lot of fun. I have made it a habit to start bringing my camera on Sundays in order to capture some of the excitement. We may not be a mega-church, but we can certainly work on having a mega-children's ministry, to the glory of God!

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