Sunday, January 22, 2006

OH THE HUMANITY (and what's snow with you?)

Okay, okay, okay....
After all my sentimental recollections of Super Bowls past with my favorite team, the Denver Broncos, I was anticipating today's AFC championship with, well, uh...much anticipation! By the time I got home from church, the Steelers were on top, 3-0. But ever the optimist, I knew that Denver would not remain on the low end...that they would acheive, they would score, they would emerge victorious.
They didn't.
So the 05-06 season is over and the Super Bowl is in two weeks. As of this writing, I do not know who the Steelers will face, but I will probably watch with detached interest, knowing it is only a game .

The week has not been a total loss however. We actually had a weather event on Friday! Understand that Oregon has been perpetually rained on for, well, I lost track. We've put up with flooding and high creeks, mud puddles and mold. It's wet and soggy. Oh, sure, the higher elevations get snow, but so far, little if any of the white stuff has landed on the valley floor.
Until Friday......

The above pictures were taken in our backyard during a two hour snow storm that literally blanketed the city in a layer of white. As I looked out the door from the church office, it appeared like a major blizzard had hit. No, it wasn't a foot of snow, but it was a significant amount.

But the change of weather was not to last. The snow subsided, the temps went up slightly and the subsequent rain washed away our winter wonderland in about fifteen minutes!

Today, we actually got sunshine and partly cloudy skies. This is it offsets the dark rain cloud over my head after the Bronco game today . Okay, enough of that...time to move on!

Remember....God is on the throne and His faithfulness transcends funny weather and football games!


  1. Did you forget about the light dusting we had on Monday? Remember, Martin Luther King, Jr. day where there was a small amount of snow on the ground and by the time most people were up and about it was gone. I wouldn't exactly call Monday an event, but it was the first snow of the year 2006. The first snow of the season was in November.

  2. I did say that "little if any...has fallen on the valley floor." The MLK dusting was very short lived--it was gone before I even arose from my warm little bed.

  3. How 'bout the sunshine we've had the last two days? Yeah, it is going to be short lived, too. :(...
    Oh well, that would be January for us here in the Pacific Northwest.

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  5. Whoa! I can't believe it snowed down there. Umm, we got a bunch of rain up here. That was pretty exciting. ~Christy