Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Let's see...decorations put away, check. 

Desk organized for maximum efficiency, ummm...in progress.

List of resolutions for 2015, started (paper on clipboard with heading "List of resolutions for 2015".  Rest of page is blank).

Blogging subjects for new year, in progress. Let's see, what am I thinking so far for 2015 posts:
  • Encouraging and instructional posts related to ministry in general and children's ministry in particular.
  • Bible related mini-thoughts (positive)
  • Bible related deeper subjects and controversies (gasp)
  • Thoughts on the "everything you thought you knew was wrong" trend
  • Trivia, commentary, and observations from pop culture and current events
  • Glimpses into my life and travels
  • Maybe subjects suggested by blog readers.  I love looking stuff up that I don't know, just for the fun of it.
Yeah, some of what I usually do, mixed in with stuff from which I usually shy away.  Might make for a good blog.  Check.

Write blog post about future blog posts.


Oh...Happy New Year!

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