Monday, September 10, 2012


A few weeks ago, I wrote about "stations":interactive, fun, and/or educational tables that allowed the kids to play, learn, and build relationships (you can read about "stations" here).

As I was clearing out some things from my home office/man-cave area , I came across something that is a good example of an "educational" type station we used during a series on the life of Abraham.

 Just how far is it from our church in Eagle Point to the land where Abraham walked?  Let's find out!

 Middle and older elementary kids could do this very easily.  We mounted a colorful calculator with large buttons on a stiff piece of cardboard for the calculations. Of course, adults were there to help...and to talk more about Abraham!

The kids got to stretch a string between Eagle Point, Oregon and the Middle East. This exercise helped the kids realize that the events in Scripture happened in the real, geographic world.

 Some pictures helped illustrate what Abraham's world must have looked like.  Again, it illustrates the reality of the Bible.

This was inexpensive to make and was one of our more popular stations when we had it up.  It was well worth the time we spent at the beginning of our children's church hour.

What kinds of props, lessons, or materials do you use to bring the Bible to life?

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