Thursday, December 01, 2011


What if you woke up one morning and there were no calendars? Why, how could you tell when it was....Christmas?

Do not despair, oh Gregorianally challenged friend, for I now bring you: The 7 Signs of the Holidays, in no particular order:

1. McDonald's eggnog shakes. Of course, these started earlier this year, but no problem...nothing says the holidays like a thick eggnog shake (minus the cherry).

2. The end of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Yup, when Santa rides in on that unbelievably tall float, it's time for the season to begin.

3. The Santa hat. I have a friend who wears a Santa hat and puts the image on Facebook. When I see that profile pic, I know that Christmas can't be far behind.

4. Activity begins at the Christmas light house. There's a house in town that decorates with spectacular music synchronized lighting. When I pass by and see extra people crawling on and around the building like industrious ants, I get excited because I know that the holiday season is getting close.

5. Steve's 25 Days of Christmas music. Mr. Steve Tanner, who must have enough vinyl in his record collection to supply protective gloves to every hospital on the eastern seaboard, shares a rarely heard Christmas offering every day. This year, in honor of his impending fatherhood, Steve presents Navidaddy. And the neat thing, it's free. Give it a listen here

6. Mannheim Steamroller. 'Nuff said

7. Christmas decorations in the stores. Now this one can get out of hand; I mean, who needs ornaments next to the Halloween masks? But I notice that each day the decorations get more and more pronounced, until after Thanksgiving when everything lights up! It's like a great big party (now if all the guests would just realize who the party is for!).

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