Sunday, August 09, 2009


You'll never guess what our lesson was about at Sunday Morning Celebration?'s the classic account of the battle between David and Goliath. It was several years ago that we asked a woman in our church to make a 9'9" giant in armor. Afterwards, we rolled him back up and stored him away. Unfortunately, in a fit of cleaning just last year, our life-size Goliath poster got tossed (reason #27 as to why I don't like throwing things never know when you might need that junior high term paper or a nearly 10 foot tall poster!). I discovered the fate of Goliath on Saturday, neccesitating some last minute artistic maneuverings. And as long as you don't get nitpicky about too many details, it came out pretty good!

The best part of the morning was not only retelling the story and seeing the kids' faces light up when I brought out my leather slingshot. It was making the point that we all have problems...sometimes big problems, sometimes little ones...but God is with us and He's powerful and the things that seem big to us are not big at all to Him.

Our 3rd-5th grade small group teacher stands up to Goliath.

Big giant, but little kids with bigger faith

Nine feet, nine inches!

Having fun and making the point

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