Saturday, October 11, 2008


I just returned from the Rogue Valley Children's Ministries Conference, put on by (who else) the Rogue Valley Children's Ministries Network. While I have been blessed to attend the BIG conference (CPC in sunny San Diego), I always make it a priority to attend our local annual conference. This year, it was a little further from home (approximately 30-40 minute drive), but the highway gave us a chance to admire God's creation.The event was held at Parkway Christian Center in Grants Pass with the host children's pastor Bryan Reeder.We had a small group (my oldest daughter snapped the picture. My younger daughter had to stay home with a nasty bug!). But there were smiles all around throughout the conference.The keynote speaker was Jason Noble, director of CMA (Children's Ministries Agency) in the Assemblies of God. In the course of our conversation between sessions, I found out that he and his wife have family in Eagle Point (our home town)! The theme for the conferecne was INVEST, INCLUDE, IMAGINE. Mr. Noble developed the theme in three general "gatherings". During the second gathering, he invited us (ordered us?) to move to another table and answer some questions with people we've never met before (Hi there, Jan and Heidi!). One of the most provocative statements Jason made was that burnout is not the result of too much work, but rather the result of "dream deficit." He ended the day by challenging us to regain and refresh the dream and vision God had for our children's ministries.
There were workshops covering a variety of subjects. Since our children's ministry is starting to explore how best to meet the challenge of special needs kids, the first workshop I attended was on special needs. It was encouraging and thought-provoking. I also attended workshops on teaching the Bible and tips and techniques for teaching using powerpoint.
Before we knew it, the conference was over and we got loaded in the van to start the trip back. We shared some of our insights, compared notes on workshops, and thought of ways to implement what we learned.

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  1. That really was a great conferance! Me and my husband plan on going next year for sure! Really enjoyed it and came back with a fire to keep going!