Friday, July 04, 2008


Happy Independence Day!

If you haven't been to a "small town" 4th of July celebration, you don't know what you're missing. Even though our city is one of the fastest growing cities in the state, it has always maintained its charm and friendliness when it comes to things like the 4th. I started the day early with the community breakfast: eggs, ham, and pancakes. But it's not about the food, it's the faces: familiar and not-so-familiar folks coming in to share a meal, joke around, and get started on the day's events.

The day began overcast (it rained last night). It provided some cooler weather as we sat and waited for the parade. And then, right before the parade was to begin, the sun broke through. It was especially nice to have the clear skies, after spending the week choking on smoke from the wildfires in northern California. The parade was good, with all the elements a "small town" parade should have: fire trucks, vintage cars, horses, floats, and the corny jokes from the MC's. As the parade begins (officially, it starts at the review stand, but in actuality, it begins further up the street), the honor gaurd stops and everyone rises for the National Anthem. It is an incredibly moving thing to see hundreds of people on both sides of the streets stand in absolute silence as the flag is presented.

We wandered the many booths and shook hands with people for awhile. Then it was off to home, to relax a bit, and then grill some burgers for dinner.

About dinner time, I was starting to feel a headache coming on, so I bowed out of the fireworks show at the stadium. But it's a show that can be seen and heard throughout the city. One of the highlights is at "halftime" with "Skydiver Bingo." Throughout the day, people buy paper plates and put their names on them. At halftime, the plates are scattered all over the football field. A local skydiving club then sends skydivers over the stadium. It is an awesome thing to be staring up into the dark night sky and suddenly see a figure gliding in almost as if on one giant wing. He lands and scoops up a paper plate. The three winners get various cash prizes. And in one of the most exciting developments of the evening, my oldest daughter won a prize! Whoo hoo...dinner's on her!

For whatever reason, the pictures I thought I took today were non-existent. So, you'll have to settle for a thousand words instead of pictures. But believe me, the 4th of July in "small town" America is worth it.

Random thoughts from one tired puppy dog!

PS One more addition: One of the local newspapers took some parade pictures and posted it on their gallery. You can see them here. (let me know if this worked...I wasn't quite sure)
ADDITIONAL NOTE: I have fixed the link to show the 2008 pictures. Thanks to my anonymous commentator who noticed and brought it to my attention!


  1. The title said Eagle Point 2007. Are these pictures taken this year or last year?

  2. Thank you for noticing that! I think I was so thrilled with having some pictures (after finding out I had none of my own!), that I didn't even notice the date. Apparently the newspaper put last year's gallery up while waiting for the images from this year.
    Anyway, I have updated the link, so you should be able to see stuff from the 2008 parade.

  3. Thank you for sharing the link to the pictures. I don't get to Eagle Point very often (although I'm not that far), but it looks like your parade is a nice, family-oriented event---for both years :-)

    Take care, Timotheous. I'm looking forward to more of your "thoughts" (I'm just about caught up with your archives!)