Friday, March 28, 2008


Just a few quick items...

+It snowed today. Or, more accurately, it spat snow flakes. A lot of snow flakes. But not enough to stick to our valley floor. March better get its act together this weekend if it's going to go out like a lamb. Although, from what I hear, when I was in San Diego, March came in like a lamb. I think March is confused. I'm sure glad God knows what He's doing!

+One of my four year old kids in the preschool gave me a big hug today. He said I was the best teacher because I knew letters even better than he did. I'm going to use him as a reference if I get a new job.

+New link: Glen Woods. His blog is full of inspiration, information, and insights about the world of children's ministry. Well worth the read.

+After many moons of blogging, I finally decided to add a picture to my profile. I've had one on my MySpace page for a while, but since I don't update my MySpace page that much, I figured I ought to add one on Blogger. Check it out to the right.

+Another new link: Thoughts by Christina. This is funny, slice of life, stream of whatever consciousness thoughts that ooze from this girl's brain. Okay, she's a woman, but I'm her father, so she'll always be my little girl. It's actually quite funny. The only drawback is that she doesn't update her blog as much as her MySpace page (hint, hint).


  1. Hey Timothy,

    Thank you for the props! I appreciate it. I have linked you on my blog as well. Take care!

  2. uhh... what do you mean... not nearly as much as my myspace page??? I am consistently updating blogger at least once a month. Maybe two months.