Monday, August 06, 2007


Summertime has been here...well, all summer! Unfortunately, various matters have cut into our family camp time. But not long ago, an opportunity arose to go camping. I even got to leave the office a whole half hour early to head up highway 62, past the little town of Prospect, and over to Union Creek Campground.

Union Creek is one of the larger campgrounds in a network of camping locations in the Rogue River National Forest. Unfortunately, because the campground was so full, we had to settle for a spot well away from the creek! But it was enjoyable, good food, relaxation, and no phones, tvs, or radios to interrupt some serious study!

If Union Creek sounds familiar, it's because I blogged about an earlier visit in March. Actually, we never made it to the campground itself because of the snow. Not this time...sunny and hot!

Lord willing, we'll try to get another camping trip or two in before September.

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