Saturday, May 12, 2007


My wife and I are on vacation. What's the occaision? Wellllllll....(drum roll), this week marks our 25th wedding anniversary (trumpets sound, cherubs sigh, fluttery paper hearts drift lazily downward, doves ascend into the blissful get the idea).

A lot of married folks say, "I wouldn't change a thing." I have to confess...I would change some things. The times of doubt and the times of frustration. Seasons of poverty. Mis-managing priorities. Yup, I'd change all of that, because, personally speaking, my wife deserves a whole lot better from the last 25 years. And that folks, is the heart of the matter: there's plenty I wouldn't mind changing, but the one thing I wouldn't change is the companion I chose to go through it with. allergies are kicking in a little, so let's move on. By the way...I always looked at silver anniversary couples as "old." That tradition stops here, because we are most definately not old.

Our first stop was Susanville, California, a short three and a half hour drive from southern Oregon. I snapped some pics along the way for your enjoyment.
Lassen Peak now....(above)

....and then. According to the display, Lassen (a volcano) erupted in 1915. Gulp.

What's wrong with this picture?A section of Highway 44 is undergoing major repairs. We were stopped for about ten minutes while waiting for a pilot car to escort us through the rough, torn-up dirt road. Being on a long interstate trip means always looking for ahem means to satisfy one's uhhhh know. I glanced over and saw a typical construction site "porta-potty." There's only one problem. Did you spot it yet? That's of the wheels isn't even touching the ground!

Our evening in Susanville was a pleasant one, with a very nice dining surprise. More on that in the next entry. Until next time...

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