Saturday, May 05, 2007


There I was, in the church office, doing my church office stuff, when our church DayCare Director (who doubles as my wife, incidently) called and said, "We have a situation here, we're going into lock down! I'll explain later!" Even though the DayCare is located on the other end of the facility, I went ahead and locked the outside office door. When looking out the window, I counted three sherriff's vehicles zipping by. I made my way to the back and asked what was going on. Apparently a highly agitated young man had entered the facility and asked to make a phone call. He then asked for a ride...right before leaving the building. His behavior prompted us to call the police, who informed us that they were looking for him and that we should go into lockdown!
Sooooo....the kids were herded into their safe areas, all the doors were locked, and all of the drills we've done for this scenario paid off. A half-hour later, the police called back with an "all clear," and the kids got to tell their parents about their adventure.
The local paper had a passing reference to us, stating the suspect "hid" in the church. It's more like he "passed through" the building. At any rate, here's the link if you want to read about it right here.

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