Thursday, January 18, 2007


We've had a strange winter in southern Oregon. A bout of freezing fog made the landscape look like snow...only it wasn't. A few mild temps and then it was good-bye freezing fog!
Then came our famous ice storm last week. Rain during the day, freezing temps and a sprinkling of snow the next morning and wow......snarled traffic, slow going, spin-outs. It was a sight to behold. Unforutnately, due to an involuntary appropriation of my camera (ie, it was taken from my house when I wasn't home), I was unable to get some pics of either the gorgeous freezing fog or the ice capades.
However, our children's ministries secretary snapped some pictures of our first major snowstorm that hit this week. It started falling Tuesday afternoon. It was so intense that the schools shut down early. Wednesday was a snow day. Today was a two-hour delay. The good news is that this snow event was not nearly as dramatic as what my friends and family in Colorado got clobbered with. The pavements are clearing and drying and the snow drifts are receeding. But the wintery weather did make for some neat pictures, which my secretary has allowed me to share (thanks, ''re da bomb!)

Wintery tree at night....

and a good old fashioned Oregon palm tree by day, both claimed by the snow!

Snow ball fight (note the snowball in mid-air!)

A little angel making a snow angel

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