Tuesday, December 26, 2006


As the old saying goes, "Christmas is a time of miracles." We've had prayer going out across the country and even the "land down under" (Australia, for those who are geographically challenged) for a little boy named Zeb. Early in December, Zeb was in a snowmobile accident. His injuries were critical, his prognosis bleak. Doctors said that only 5% of those with Zeb's injuries survive.

But our God is the God of the five percent! Our Children's Ministries secretary shared this humorous insight from a movie. One of the characters asks a girl if there was any chance they could get together. She dismisses him by saying, "one in a million." The character gets a bright look on his face and exults, "So you're saying there's a chance!"

One in a million is still a chance.
Five loaves and two fishes are still enough.
A little mud for the eye is still effective.
Even if "silver and gold have you none, such as you have you can still give."
And five percent.....wow...it's more than enough for God to work.

Zeb was released from the hospital and arrived home before Christmas Eve. He is doing incredibly well in managing his pain. The doctors and nurses were amazed at how rapidly he healed. What an amazing Christmas blessing.

Keep Zeb and his family in your prayers. The little guy still has some recovery ahead. His family faces some extra financial burdens from all this. But our awesome God is still the God of the five percent! Merry Christmas ( a day late).

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