Wednesday, October 11, 2006


A friend recently commented that I need to blog more. So I decided to take a moment and write about one of my weaknesses and pleasures of life.

I refer, of course, to the Snickers candy bar.

I cannot imagine the incredible insight and veritable fount of wisdom that produced such a perfect blend of peanuts, caramel, and chocolate. Sure it was named after a horse some 75 years ago. But from such humble beginnings, Snickers has become one of the best selling candy bars in the world.

Now as a general rule, I'm not really into sweet snacks. I'm more of a "salty, crunchy" kind of guy. Yes, I'll have a donut once in a great while. And I have eaten my share of candy bars and treats other than Snickers. So no, I am not "addicted" to Snickers.

But, oh my.....

Snickers and a cup of hot coffee will pick me up in the mid-afternoon. On days when I know I'll be skipping lunch, a Snickers bar provides a great substitute. And nutrition?'s a candy bar, so nutrition is not the issue. But it's got peanuts for protein and skim milk. Hey...protein and skim milk are not bad, right? And in the midst of a busy afternoon of studying, lesson prep, and research, it's nice to lean back in the chair or take a leisurely walk outside and unwrap a Snickers bar, feeling the familiar sweet tingle of the chocolate and caramel and the light resistance of the firmly embedded peanuts as my teeth clamp down upon them. Ahhhhhhh....

Snickers has a new ad campaign with a strumming singer extolling the virtues of Snickers. It practically sums up the experience. To see it, and to learn more information about Snickers, you can visit Meanwhile, enjoy.

(next snack food installment (if there is a next one) will be about Cornnuts!)

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