Monday, January 02, 2006


First of all, let me thank everyone who prayed. While the flooding was definitely not as bad as the infamous "flood of '97," it was worse than the experts predicted. While our family was safe (okay, our swimming pool was creeping up there a bit!), some of the houses along the lower part of Little Butte Creek got some water. I mentioned backed-up storm drains, but I was also reminded of the smaller irrigation creeks that run through various parts of town that overflowed. One of our church family works for Search and Rescue and told us that there were several indigent folks who lost their trailers.
Overall, I believe our area dodged the worst of it. But on the other side of the proverbial coin, the main strength of the storm headed south, so our friends in northern California got hit far worse. Our prayers continue to be with them.
My children's ministries secretary was out and about the same evening I posted my last message. She was kind enough to share some of her pics. Keep in mind, this is a few hours after I took my pictures, so it shows just how fast the water situation escalated (interestingly enough, on the drive to church Sunday morning, much of the pavement had dried out. Of course, by the time services were over, it started to rain again.).

This was taken near the new visitor's center (which is under construction). Notice the bench!

The parking lot of the city hall...indistinguishable from the street!

That's a lot of water!

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  1. Tim,

    You said in you last blog that it was a "tree-sized" log. Is there any other sized log that it could be? "Tree-sized" is such a broad term! LOL Just teasing!