Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pain and Praise and Party-On

When I began to write this post, I began describing the pain and discomfort I have been experiencing lately because of a bad back, knee, and ankle. My intent was to turn it all around and demonstrate the awesomeness of God in spite of the problems. However, when I looked over what I had typed, it seems like I was spending more time talking about my problems and less time talking about the Lord. Sooooo, through the magic of word processing technology, I decided to start over.
On Sunday Morning, a time when I am the busiest ministering to a group of children for over an hour (and a group of adults for another hour), I did not need to be slowly hobbling around. And for that morning, God granted me a measure of relief from the pain and stiffness. It's almost as if the Lord knew what I needed before I even asked (wow...God knows what I need before I do--what a neat concept!) Indeed, God is awesome!


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  2. God IS awesome!

    He filled my day with laughter even though it hurts because of my recent surgery. And it worked out for the best! I feel so great.

    Take care and God bless!