Some people have asked, "What is Tim's background?" Other's have said, "We don't know anything about Tim." So I decided to add the following to the mix. This is not a resume (although if you and  your church is looking for a children's minister, I will be happy to send you one). 

This is just a little bit about Tim:

*Saved at the age of 11 after reading a children's gospel tract he received at a VBS (statistics show most believers trust Christ before the age of 12).
*Married, 3 adult children.  Ordained minister. Currently works as administrative assistant at Eagle Point Community Bible Church.
*Served in a variety of children's ministries between high school and college, including:
  • VBS
  • Sunday School
  • Children's phone counselor
  • Backyard Bible Club
  • Puppet shows
  • Skit development and acting
  • Children's Ministries Director
  • Assisted in establishing children's ministry programs
*Before moving to Oregon, Tim also served in adult ministry:
  • Associate minister, Family Bible Church of Orange County, California
  • Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Florence, Colorado
  • Senior Pastor, Family Bible Church of Pueblo, Colorado
*(For the curious among you, Tim has also been a janitor, a salesman, a pizza cook, and a social service case aide. Among his more interesting jobs: supervisor at a marketing research data collection agency, instructor and administrator at a business college, and an instructor at a Bible institute.)
*Tim served for 15 years as Children's Pastor at Eagle Point Community Bible Church (although the title kept changing over the years).
*A self-proclaimed student of children's ministry, Tim has attended national and local conferences in order to be up-to-date and fresh in his field. His blog is on the "Big List of Children's Ministry Blogs" from Ministry-to-Children. org and he maintains connections with other children's pastors and leaders. He is also a voracious reader of books and publications related to children's ministries. Tim has presented workshops at a regional children's ministry conference.
*Philosophy of Children's Ministry:
  • There is no child's plate of spiritual blessings and no junior Holy Spirit assigned to kids.
  • Children are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today.
  • The rise of "professional" children's ministry highlights the importance of reaching and ministering to kids on their level: true authentic worship and teaching with a "child flavor."
  • Parents are the primary provider for the spiritual instruction of their children. Children's ministry is a resource.
  • Facilities are sometimes the best indicator of the priority of children's ministries.
  • For me, children's ministry is not just a volunteer gig for an hour a week every other month.  It is a passion and calling.

Questions? Anything you're curious about? Just ask.  There are no off-limit questions, but I may not be able to always give you a complete answer  Thanks for reading!


  1. Tim, Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. My kids have been blessed by your ministry as have I. Your blog is an excellent resource with some interesting insights.

    I didn't know that you were a pizza cook:)


  2. Hey, Chris, thank you for your kind words.
    The "pizza cook" thing falls under the "things God uses to mold our character" portion of one's testimony :-)